Wer steht hinter die Kamera?

My name is Yoav. Originally, I'm from Tel Aviv, Israel. A few years ago I decided to move to Germany to study documentary photography.


It all started when I got my first home video camera when I was sixteen and started making ground breaking documentaries like "My mother cooking dinner" and "My little brother playing computer". 

Not much has changed since then, actually: What I like to document most is people. Maybe over the years I learned a thing or two about film and photography, but I think that the actual core of it stayed the same.

The rest of the time, when I'm not taking pictures, I dedicate to my plants in my room (by the way, I have a lot of calatheas), working on other documentary projects, playing guitar, cooking and drinking Spezi!

I'm always up for interesting conversations, especially if I get to learn something through it.  


I'm fluent in English, German and Hebrew.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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Man braucht nicht viel für authentische Hochzeitsfotografie: Empathie, einen sensiblen Blick
für die richtigen Momente und natürliches Licht. 
Mein Ziel ist, die Atmosphäre und einzigartigen Momente eures großen Tages einzufangen, ohne sie zu beeinflussen. Als Dokumentarfotograf lege ich in meinen Bildern dabei den Fokus auf das Natürliche. 
Hochzeiten sind ein vertraulicher Einblick in das Leben und die Beziehung eines Paares. Diese besondere Intimität und Freude möchte ich in meinen Bildern festhalten, die euch am besten und echtesten zeigen.

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